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A Firearms Class- September 13th, 2020


A Firearms Class- September 13th, 2020


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It’s back! Our MODERN WEAPONS CLASS is being offered again on Sunday, September 13th, starting at 9:30am.

This continues to be one of the most popular courses we run. We hold it quarterly, and it usually fills to capacity within 24 to 72 hours. (This class is capped at 15 people.) Participants receive instruction on firing the pistol (semi-automatic and revolver), as well as rifle, and shotgun. We will be at an INDOOR range (i.e. with some heat and air conditioning, and out of the weather).

This course includes the material needed for your pistol permit, and participants will receive their State of Connecticut required certification necessary to apply for a pistol permit.

You will get to fire handguns (semi-automatic and revolver), rifles (AR-15 variants- one of which is suppressed)… and a shotgun. Attendance is limited.    Total cost is $220, with payment due at time of registration. (Your range time, the course book/materials, and all ammunition are included in the cost.)

For further information e-mail [email protected] or call 860-922-5343.

The class does cap at 15 people, and it closes quickly, as we usually only run it once every few months, and we run it differently than many other classes out there… allowing you to experience multiple firearms platforms.




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