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Pistol Permit+

Pistol Permit & Modern Weapons Class

This is the most popular course we offer.  The course fulfills the mandatory minimum requirements that are necessary to apply for your pistol permit in the State of Connecticut.

What makes our course different?  In addition to completing the minimum requirements the State deems necessary, you will go far beyond. You will have the opportunity to shoot several different styles of firearms, including: pistols (revolvers and semi-automatics), different caliber sport rifles (i.e. AR-15 style platforms), and a shotgun.

The course is usually offered once every six weeks-ish, and because our class involves so much shooting (and is so much fun), the class generally fills to capacity within three days of opening the session.

The Tactical


Next course October 20


Limited capacity!

This course is designed for the experienced operator.  It’s offered in two sections: handgun and rifle.  You will need to supply your own handgun (or rifle) and 300 rounds of ammunition.


The in-person version of our online course, H.I.A.T.U.S. Training provides an all-encompassing approach to defensive tactics and strategy.

The online course provides all of the same information, but if you actually want me to handcuff you and lock you in the trunk of a car, click below.

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