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The Tactical Boutique is a firearms store that is located at Plus One Defense Systems, in West Hartford, Connecticut.  Originally founded in 2002, Plus One Defense Systems is the premier martial arts academy in the Greater Hartford area, and our client base is composed of a lot of police officers and law enforcement professionals.  (Darin Reisler, the Founder of Plus One Defense Systems, is also a former police officer.)

Firearms are the modern day version of samurai swords, and we are excited to offer a high quality selection of handguns, rifles, and shotguns to our clientele and our local community.

Our online store helps to make your purchase as easy as possible.  Whether you are in the State of Connecticut, or would like us to ship your gun or rifle to your local gun shop, we are happy to assist you. (We actually do a considerable amount of online sales and transfers.  If you have a special order item that you would like us to look into getting for you, feel free to e-mail [email protected].)

Our retail store is currently the only retail firearms store in West Hartford.  Our focus is on customer service, which is almost a lost art, especially in the firearms world!  Whether you are looking for your first gun, that special rifle, or something to add to your handgun or rifle collection, we are happy to help.