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Try the fast growing sport of Cowboy Fast Draw, a family oriented sport that promotes Firearm Safety, Integrity, Sportsmanship, and The Cowboy Way.

Safety First, Fun Second, and Competition Third!        

The Tactical Boutique held our first “Try Cowboy Fast Draw” event for November, which was a resounding success with all 5 seats filled! After getting holstered up, each participant used my personal 5½-inch Uberti Cattleman six-gun, a reproduction of the iconic 1873 Colt Peacemaker, and my laser cartridge. This provided an opportunity to practice loading, unloading, holstering, drawing and shooting a laser dot at a regulation size 17 3/16-inch foam board target 15 feet away. A comfortable atmosphere rapidly developed with conversation and encouragement exchanged between the attendees. Personally, it was an opportunity to make new friends that I might not otherwise have ever met. That’s the magic of Cowboy Fast Draw!

After 45 minutes of laser shooting at the foam board target, we moved into the range to practice with a real CFDA target that incorporates a regulation timer. Using sport specific CFDA ammunition – wax bullet, empty 45-caliber brass, powered by a shot shell primer, we shot one round at a time. As a result of the practice with the laser, the participants not only hit the real target, but did so achieving amazingly good shot times in a sport where you can miss the target as often as you hit it!

Some comments made after the event included:

“Had a great time and will look more into pursuing this hobby.”

“My grandkids would love this.”

With the success of this first event, we will be holding a second “Try Cowboy Fast Draw” event.  We’re again limiting attendance to the first 5 adult members that sign up. This ensures everyone gets considerable experience “drawing from the hip” in the 2-hour duration of the event. The cost is $40 per shooter, and will take place Wednesday, July 20th, from 6pm to 8pm. The session will start on the martial arts side of Plus One Defense Systems at 9 Tolles Street, in West Hartford. To reserve your spot, go to:

Shortly before the event, you’ll receive an email from me. I’ll introduce myself, include links to some fun shooting videos, and provide additional information about what to bring as well as the basic agenda of the evening.

The Cowboy Fast Draw home page contains a few short videos that explain the sport. Also, check the YouTube video “Ladies of Cowboy Fast Draw”. Like I said, it’s a fun family sport! Don’t be afraid to give it a try; it’s easy, safe, and fun! When searching YouTube for additional videos, be sure to specify “Cowboy Fast Draw” or “Cowboy Fast Draw Miss E”.

See y’all there!

Marshal Rock Quigley

P.S.  Sorry, I only have right-handed holsters available.  If you are a lefty, and you would like to try Cowboy Fast Draw, you are welcome to do so (but with my righty-rig).


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