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The B6 series is the foundation of the SAR USA line of polymer frame pistols, and a favorite of law enforcement worldwide. With an integrated grip spur, the B6 is quick pointing and comfortable. Whether you’re looking for home protection, or a compact carry gun, the value priced B6 fits the bill.

This incredible compact pistol is also available in several color variations.  They have the same features of the standard B6 compact but in a palette of different colors.

  • Polymer Frame
  • Forged Steel Barrel & Slide
  • Rear Sight
  • Manual Safety
  • Firing Pin Block and Hammer Block
  • B6 C Compliant 9mm 10+1 3.8 in DA/SA 8.1 in 1.1 in 25.2 oz

    Price- $390

Availability: 1 in stock

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