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**Copied from the BulletSafe folks and their site.  These are currently on back order and tend to ship every few weeks.  While I don’t want to guarantee the back order time, you’re probably looking at three weeks.**

The BreatheSafe Respirator / Gas Mask Kit will keep you safe no matter what dangerous substances are in the air. It includes two filter types so that you can breathe safe under any condition. It also includes a high-quality silicone sealed face shield. This face shield is compatible with all 3M style filter elements so that you’ll be able to use it for years and years. The BreatheSafe Respirator is what you need to breathe safely.

The Respirator Mask – The main element of our product is a top-quality face shield and mask. It uses silicone sealing elements. Silicone is advantageous over natural rubber because it is chemically inert, easier to clean, and will last longer than a natural rubber product. It is also significantly softer, so it takes less pressure to seal against your face. This makes the BreatheSafe respirator more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It is a great choice for professionals that need to breathe safely.  Here are some of the features of the BreatheSafe Respirator Mask:

  • Large, Optical grade viewing port – So you can read clearly and conduct your business effectively while wearing the mask.
  • Medical Grade Silicone construction
    • Allows the mask to be cleaned thoroughly
    • Soft seal so it can be worn for long periods
    • Longer life than natural rubber
    • Non-latex so it is allergy free
  • Dual filter ports allows you to use two filters at once for longer, safer operation.
  • Voice port allows the transmission of sound without letting air flow through. Essential for being able to talk while wearing the respirator.
  • Silicone breathe shield to keep the viewport free of condensation and fog.

Filters – The BreatheSafe Respirator Kit comes with two pairs of filters. These filters can be used for just about any conditions you will encounter.  Both filters install easily onto the respirator and are designed to be used accordingly.

P-A-1 Filters – This filter is for dangerous gasses of the organic variety. This includes tear gas and pepper spray but also: acetone, toluene, xylene, aniline, nitrobenzene, gasoline, chloropic-rin, carbon disulfide, and even organic items that have noxious odors, like crime scene cleanups, wellness checks, or hoarding conditions. The P-A-1 filter is perfect for police work and industrial situations.

3M (brand) 7093CN Filters – These P-100 filters are the industry standard in particulate filtration. P100 filtration is the highest level of particulate filtration you will find, far exceeding P95, N95, KN95, P99, N99, and KN95 standards and even more effective than N100 filters.  This is arguably the finest filter that 3M makes.

The 7093CN filter is perfect for situations where dangerous particles are in the air. These can be everything from water droplets that contain viruses or bacteria or particulates such as dust, debris, and even asbestos. The 7093CN filter removes approximately 100% of these contaminants. It is a cartridge filter that has the filter elements stored inside and behind the hard plastic case. This design is far superior to a pancake style filter where the element is exposed. Exposed element filters need to be replaced if something happens where the elements are direct contaminated, for example if a patient coughs on you.  The 7093CN filter can be cleaned if it sees direct spray of contaminants. A much better solution that can allow a doctor to get more than a month’s full-time use out of each filter.

The BreathSafe Respirator / Gas Mask Kit Includes:

The BreatheSafe Respirator Mask
One Pair of P-A-1 Filters
One Pair of 3M 7093CN Filters
Storage Bag

    • Filters have a 5 year Shelf life unopened
    • Uses standard 3M filters
    • One Size fits all
    • Warranty from the manufacturer
    • Product is also insured through the manufacturer

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