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The Tactical Boutique

West Hartford CT Guns & Ammo Store + Shooting Range

This month, we bring you the Ammo-Tober Raffle… with a Glock on top.  (Sidenote, if you happened to notice… last month, we did the raffle live, but it got pulled from social media almost immediately.  I’ll be more careful about what I say in the live video this month, so that the video will, ideally, stick around.)

Since “Glocktober” tends to be the normative term for most things firearms related over these next 31 days, we are providing this month’s winner with a brand new Glock 30 chambered in .45 ACP to go along with your 1000 rounds of ammo.  (That’s right… 1000 rounds of brand new Armscor .45 ACP.)  We’re including an ammo can, so that the winner can make it out of the shop, into their car, and then inside their residence without having to make too many trips to their vehicle.  We’re also including an Uplula loader, so that you don’t get arthritis from having to hand load 1000 rounds into your new Glock.  After shooting this new gun of yours, which you will absolutely want to do, given as you will now have a bunch of new friends who want to shoot with you (when they learn you won a gun and it came with 1000 rounds of ammunition), you’ll be able to clean up with your new Breakthrough Cleaning Kit.  Finally, we’re closing this one out with a magazine carrier, so that the 10 rounds of CT legal fun carried in the gun can be supplemented by 10 more. And, we have a holster for you, too.

With a total package value of over $1460, we’re selling ONLY 37 tickets at $40.  We will run the raffle live on social media on Wednesday, October 5th, at 3pm. (Follow us on Facebook to see the live video.) We look forward to presenting our winner with these items!

You can buy more than one ticket, if desired.

Please remember to click on the “local pick-up” option when you checkout, so that there are not any shipping charges. For whatever reason, we usually have a few people who miss this.  If you do hit the shipping button, just call me, and we’ll refund the shipping.  If you are out of state, and you win, we’ll cover the shipping.  If you are a supporter of our small shop, then you are local enough for us with these raffles, so no shipping charges!

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