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It’s been hot, like really hot.  So, we’re bringing you the Summer Sizzle Raffle for August.  We know you want to shoot, but if you’re not shooting in our climate controlled, super high-tech shooting range (<– Shameless plug), then you are probably having a hard time staying cool.  This raffle will help you find some shade, and you’ll be able to practice from a distance.

First up, we have a Radical Other chambered in 5.56.  This is, by far, the most popular Non-NFA platform we sell.  Complete with the SBA-3 brace, it’s a very comfortable and solid gun to shoot.  Finding shade can take you pretty far away, though, so we’ve included a Crimson Trace Brushline Pro scope and the appropriate mount, so that you better enjoy the day without a sunburn.  And, you know we don’t like to give you a gun without some ammo, so we’ve included two boxes of PMC Bronze.

With a total MSRP / package value of over $1130, we’re selling ONLY 29 tickets at $40.  We will run the raffle live on social media on Friday, August 12th, at 3pm. (Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram to see the live video.) We look forward to presenting our winner with these items!

You can buy more than one ticket, if desired.

Please remember to click on the “local pick-up” option when you checkout, so that there are not any shipping charges. For whatever reason, we usually have a few people who miss this.  If you do hit the shipping button, just call me, and we’ll refund the shipping.  If you are out of state, and you win, we’ll cover the shipping.  If you are a supporter of our small shop, then you are local enough for us with these raffles, so no shipping charges!

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