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For September, we bring you the Ruger-Ruger-Raffle.

Did you know that the Ruger PC Carbine, and the Ruger Security 9 both take the same magazines?  (I did not know this.)  David let me know when I was telling him to swap the magwell on the PC Carbine so that it could accept Glock mags (which it also does), and he said, “Why?”  He promptly explained how awesome these guns were, and we decided that they would make a good raffle.  (The Ruger PC Carbine in this configuration is a relatively hard gun to find these days, and we’ve been on the list for this specific model, which has the m-lok rail and a threaded barrel, for quite some time.

With that said… up for grabs is a brand new Ruger PC Carbine and a Ruger Security 9.  These are two top sellers!  The PC Carbine has been responsible for developing a niche all of it’s own, and it’s the most reliable 9mm carbine platform I’ve come across.  It’s so fun to shoot! But, what could make it more fun?  How about a Streamlight TLR RM1 light / laser combo!    Complete with the touchpad, this is one of the nicest long gun accessories you can find.  This streamlight is streamlined!  We’re also adding a UTG Red/Green Dot Optic because… it’s cool.  Add to that a Breakthrough Cleaning Kit and a 9mm Breakthrough Battlerope, and you are good-to-go!  (But, wait!  I’m not good to go!  I don’t have any ammo!) Okay, Okay… you drive a hard raffle.  We’re including 100 rounds of range ammo for a fun range day with your newly won pistol and newly won rifle… as you swap magazines to your heart’s content! (Oh, and there’s a box of Hornady Critical Duty ammunition included, too.)

With a total package value of over $2000, we’re selling ONLY 50 tickets at $40.  We will run the raffle live on social media on Friday, September 9th, at 3pm. (Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram to see the live video.) We look forward to presenting our winner with these items!

You can buy more than one ticket, if desired.

Please remember to click on the “local pick-up” option when you checkout, so that there are not any shipping charges. For whatever reason, we usually have a few people who miss this.  If you do hit the shipping button, just call me, and we’ll refund the shipping.  If you are out of state, and you win, we’ll cover the shipping.  If you are a supporter of our small shop, then you are local enough for us with these raffles, so no shipping charges!

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