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It’s plinkin’ time!  Fall is a wonderful time of year to get out and shoot… and to get out and teach others to shoot.  Plinking is incredible fun, and Savage makes a great single shot bolt action rifle well-suited for this purpose- The Rascal.

One of the cool things about our new online store portal (on the management end) is that I can see what the most popular firearms are in the country and exactly how many have sold.  In the last two weeks, Savage has sold over 30416 Rascals, for a total of over $5,350,000 in sales on just this little .22 caliber rifle.  (In other words, this bolt action long gun is popular!)  And… for our November Fall Into Plinking Gun Raffle, we’ve packaged up a brand new Rascal with a 4×32 scope and a bipod already installed- direct from Savage.  This model comes with a threaded barrel, which is CT legal, because it’s a bolt action gun.  Woohoo!  We have some Walker’s ear muffs, Breakthrough Clean oil and solvent, a silicone gel cloth, a battlerope, some Mack’s Lens wipes, and some Revelation Shooting Glasses to go along with the package.  Behold Jewelry and Designs has provided us with high caliber Desert Eagle necklace, just to help offset the plink- haha.  Hmmm.  Am I forgetting something?  Oh, yeah!  We are giving you 2900 rounds of .22 long ammo!  What?!  Stop the insanity?  That’s a ton of ammo!!!!  (Don’t worry, it’s actually only about ten pounds, because .22 ammo is light.)

With a total package value of over $960, we are offering ONLY 24 tickets at $40 each.  (You know we don’t like to inflate our monthly raffles, and the MSRP on this great little gun is low.  That means our total for raffle tickets is low.  And, this means your chances of winning are rather high.)  We will run the raffle live on social media on Wednesday, November 9th, at 3pm.  (Follow us on Facebook to see the live video.) We look forward to presenting our winner with these items!

You can buy more than one ticket, if desired.

Please remember to click on the “local pick-up” option when you checkout, so that there are not any shipping charges. For whatever reason, we usually have a few people who miss this.  If you do hit the shipping button, just call me, and we’ll refund the shipping.  If you are out of state, and you win, we’ll cover the shipping.  If you are a supporter of our small shop, then you are local enough for us with these raffles, so no shipping charges!

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