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Miltech Springfield Armory 1903


Miltech Springfield Armory 1903


This used rifle is a beautiful MILTECH Springfield Armory 1903, which comes equipped with a new bolt, a new ejector and extractor, a new firing pin and sear, a new walnut stock and a calibrated tight rear sight to insure the extreme accuracy that these rifles are famous for. This particular one has a refurbished, original 1918 Barrel. The M1903 Springfield was the standard U.S. issue during WW1 and early WWII. The M1903 production version of the rifle, earned the reputation as durable and extremely accurate firearms.

Original Springfield manufacture
Weight 8 lbs 11 oz
Length 43.2 in
Barrel Length: 24 in

Caliber: 30-06
Muzzle Velocity: 2,805fps
Max. range: 3,500 yds
Max. Effective range 900-1,100 yds
Magazine: Internal 5 round capacity

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